Neapolitan painter, born in 1954 graduated from the Institute of Art in Naples, worked for many years as a professional painter.

Marianna Ragucci is an artist that has established itself fully through the next refinement of the search.
His is the artist's mature research that goes all the way to the path taken, without interruption and without distractions.
In its path it is necessary to distinguish between a "past" figurative / expressionist and a "present" that she looks to the future of symbolic abstraction.
The works of the first period tell stories of everyday life, impressions and sensations caused by events that are emotionally involved, filtered through a sensibility that makes them lived experience.
Then the artist began to look within and around himself in the realm of ideas and pure abstraction, and to think of ways to represent them plastically.
And 'from this period his last expressive research: making abstraction visible and concrete through the modeling of the cementing material on canvas.
His research, tends to release the pictorial composition from any figurative representation, the effort is to embody extent of the sphere of thought and reflection in the materials and colors that emerge from the canvas, where the "ideas" are represented in their integrity and purity .


Techniques used:
Oil, acrylic, ink, plastics, recycled materials, clay, putty knife.